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Meet Our Team

Read below to meet our team of professionals and learn how we can help your company reach their goals

We also have a data partner in US Doctor Database:

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Calvron Wachter Picture

C.E.O. & Founder

Calvron Wachter

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Calvron Wachter has worked as both a developer and in corporate development with Regent Surgical Health and Compass Surgical Partners, two healthcare companies, and believes strongly in the power of using data to transform companies and to grow effectively. 

Calvron has two Masters' degrees in Healthcare Administration from Italy and in Business Intelligence & Data Visualization from France.  He attributes part of his professional success to living in different cultures and being exposed to a variety of ideas and people.

His personal interests include coaching soccer, being a baseball umpire, watching and playing sports, and exploring the outdoors.


He would love to sit down and talk with you about how your company can grow and establish best practices without compromising your company's budget.

Rash Profile Picture

Data Mining Engineer

Rash Haque

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Rash Haque has over eight years of experience helping companies reach their growth goals.  Rash is able to utilize multiple methods to identify the appropriate targets for your growth needs, and compiling information that your company needs to get in contact with these key physicians, health system executives, corporations, or any other target that IDS identifies.

Over his eight years of work, Rash has worked in-person in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, consistently helping his companies reach their KPIs for growth.  Inform Data Solutions is ecstatic to have Rash work for us, and he is excited to help your company start the climb.

In his free time, Rash is practicing new foreign languages, traveling and experiencing new cultures, learning new programming languages, and exercising.

Murat Profile Picture

Data Scientist

Murat Yilmaz

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After serving in his country's military as an officer, Murat Yilmaz has been transforming company data infrastructures and reporting systems to excel in the modern era of business.  Making informative, relevant reports and running complicated data queries, Murat has saved companies countless hours in tasks while making smarter and more efficient employees.


Murat has a Master's degree in Quantitative Economics from the world-ranked University of Pais Vasco in Bilbao, Spain, along with 24 internationally recognized certifications in Big Data, Python coding, Machine Learning, SQL databases, and Data Science, among other certifications. Murat is excited to help transform your company's data, reporting capabilities and automative features to make quantifying your company's growth as easy as possible.

Murat is a huge fan of history and talking politics, and believes that you can always learn about the future by studying the past.  He speaks four languages, is open to learning a fifth and he is an avid fan of soccer.

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