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What We Do

We categorize our services into three categories:

  • Targeting & Recruiting

  • Strategy & Market Intelligence

  • Corporate Scalability & Communication.

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Inform Data Solutions Mountain Backdrop

After discussing and understanding your goals as a company, we will collaboratively formulate a strategy, create target lists in your desired sector, and provide actionable next steps to work towards gaining key partnerships for your company.

Key Groups We Identify + Target

  • Board-Certified Surgeons & Anesthesiologists

  • Physician Groups & Practices

  • Primary Care Physicians, Family Practices

  • Health System Companies (Hospital-based, Outpatient, etc.)

  • Outpatient Healthcare Facilities (ASCs, Nursing Homes, etc.)

  • Licensed Healthcare Professionals (Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, DPTs, PTs, CRNAs, PAs, Optometrists, etc.)

  • Any Company Field (Healthcare and Non-Healthcare)

  • Growth Opportunities (We have 800 MSAs and 30,000 zip codes graded by opportunity)

How We Use This Data

Pointing Hand
  1. Recruiting physicians for current or future projects

  2. Create TAMs (Total Addressable Market analysis) for your company to reach growth goals

  • Understand the market/industry landscape & identify targets in your market (national, state, or regional)

  • Making detailed, actionable growth plans and long-term strategies

Examples of Data We Provide

Board-Certified Surgeon Database

PG example.png

Pictured: Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons in the Greater Atlantic area

  • Filter by age, state, MSA, specialty, physician group/practice, and surgical/non-surgical doctor

  • Identify physicians w/ a healthcare network

  • Physicians' annual caseload/patient load

  • See where physicians practice: at hospitals, outpatient, and/or personal practices

  • Access data on PCPs, and all other licensed practitioners (dentists, PA-C, DPTs, Optometrists, etc.)

Health System Database

hs msa pic.png

Pictured: every health system in Portland, Oregon with their number of involved physicians 

Geis stats.png

A list of every location that Geisinger health system has hospitals in, and # of their physicians in each market  

Physician Group & Practice Database

  • See the healthcare market landscape in any US market

  • See which markets a particular health system has assets in

  • See how many physicians a health system has in a market

  • Break down every health system in the US and see statistics

    • Each MSA a health system has assets in

    • Overall size of any health system (doctor count, outpatient facilities & hospitals)

PG Pic.png

A list of key physician groups with total physician targets identified in Dallas, Texas 

  • 30,000 physician groups on file, with location included

  • Filter groups by size, specialty, & priority of a group in an MSA

  • See which groups are working through a healthcare network

  • See group locations & how many physicians/doctors are in each location

ASC Database

ASC Database

This is an excerpt of the 9,000+ ASCs on file.  We are able to pull center and management information on any ASC in the US.

  • Filter by MSA, OR size, specialty, management (independent, corporate, physician group), and caseload (for participating states)

  • Break down each MSA by market opportunity grade and identify targets

Hospital Database

Hospital Database

This is an excerpt of the 5,000+ Hospitals on file.  We are able to pull hospital and management information on  nearly any hospital in the US.

  • We can filter by MSA, state, and hospital ownership, or see an entire state's entities of hospitals

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